Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Anniversary Trip

Tall, Dark & Husband (TDH) took me on a 2 night trip to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to celebrate our anniversary. It was very fun and cool and fairly relaxing which is particularly impressive since TDH insisted on bringing The Boy (6 months). Now obviously I love The Boy and I am grateful that he has blessed our lives but I would have been okay without him. Would I have missed him - yes. Would I have grabbed him and given him kisses and hugs the second I saw him again - yes.

Would I have appreciated the sweet slumber that can only be achieved when one does not have an ear out for a baby that I find sweet but whom other hotel guests might not appreciate as an alarm clock at 5 in the morning. - Hell Yes!

I do have some stories to share, but I also have work to catch up on. I am allowing myself this brief blog and if I am a good worker I might blog a bit later. I do have to tell you all how I was witnessed to and have now thank goodness accepted Jesus Christ into my humble little preaching life.

Hopefully that will make being a minister easier. I was told that an easier life and full joy awaited me upon this decision so I am quite excited about that.

More soon. Have a good day!

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