Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pressure Nap

My 6 month old son is in the office with me this morning. Right now he is in his pak n' play heading (hopefully) for a nap.

It is always challenging to have him in the office. I do not get near as much done of course and really have no time for procrastination of any kind... hence me typing this blog, incredibly crucial to not only my congregation but our human existence as we know it!

The first time I had him in my office I knew he was my charge for the week (his stay at home Dad was on a mission trip). When I laid him down to nap I almost went into a panic trying to figure out all I had to do and if you were looking in my office you might have used the word frenzy. I was here, I was there - "Oh my God I have so much to do in the 20 minutes he naps! AAAh!!!"

Not that I accomplished anything mind you. It was like a weird baby-napping-brain-freeze made all the weirder because I am generally quite cool in an emergency or adreniline-based event.

I am much calmer this time around - although still accomplishing very little (except saving our way of human life as we know it, of course).

He's drifting off(him)... deep breathes(both of us)... time to write a sermon(me)...

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