Friday, August 19, 2005

September 11, 2001

"Wow, my second official day in my first official office of my post-seminary career. Let's see, what should I do first? I have worship to plan and a bulletin to produce. I have so many people to meet and greet... should I get business cards? Can I have them say 'Rev.' on them even though I don't get ordained for a couple more weeks. Will that jinx it?"

"What should I preach on? I guess I could start with some fluff - Jesus loves us, mission is good, that kind of stuff. Nothing too apocalyptic."

"I guess what I really should do is get my ordination stuff in order. I am up here in Pennsylvania and the ordination is in Florida. Oh well, it's not like travel plans will get too interrupted."

"Speaking of travel plans I wonder how my sister is doing. She has a travelling job now - so lucky. I think this week she is in DC. How cool is that? Of course I like my place too, here in central PA. Not much in common though."

"Alright, time to slow the mind down, take some deep breathes and try to figure out what business as usual is."

"Oooh! A phone call for me - first one. Cool. Who is it? My husband. Why would he be calling me?"


Sophia said...

Ugh, that reminds me of where I was, at my new job here at Liberal Think Tank, in charge of hosting a big conference with lots of people from NY and DC... Eventually we called off the conference and stood around the tv in the lounge with our mouths hanging open, people sobbing quietly, some trying and failing to get family and friends on the phone...

will smama said...

Steph - everyone of course remembers where they were. My sister was running a conference herself at a fairly new position. She called the head shmucks at corporate and asked what they should do (meanwhile she and others could literally see the Pentagon smoking in the distance). They yelled at her to get back to work.

I am so proud of her as she held her tongue (a rare achievement for said sister) and informed them to turn on a television somewhere and she would call them back in 10 minutes.

I think ten minutes later they were still being stupid, but by that time the actual participants had cancelled the conference by watching all the televisions instead.

Thanks for checking out the site.

reverendmother said...

Hi there! I'm one of the revgals, also a PCUSA pastor for the past two years, with a two year old and another on the way. I had just started my internship on 9/10/2001, and was scheduled to preach the following Sunday as well. An experience I won't forget. Now I am in the greater DC area.

Welcome to the web ring, and the blogosphere. I've had a ball with it these last almost two years.

Lorna said...

Interesting way to start a blog :) I had to double check to make sure I wasn't lost in cyberspace.

Welcome to Rev Gals Ring. Looking forward to your insights and stories.

As for Sept 11th (as we call it in Europe) I was on a ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki. I saw the first TV shots in the shop. We were all in shock. My husband and I visited NYC for the very first time the following March. It was an act of faith. We stood at ground zero and I think only then did it really impact us. My heart still aches for families torn apart that day, and my prayers for there comfort -and yes even their love to flow to those who supported such a heinous act.

Forgiveness is NOT easy :(

We later heard that our friend in Boston gave birth to her firstborn that afternoon.

Kathryn said...

I'd just been for an interview with the principal of the ordination course I was shortly to begin....driving up a hill out of Gloucester City when the BBC said "we interrupt this programme..."
And yes, things have changed...but we;ve all moved on from that place.
Good to meet another official procrastinator! Me,I'm supposed to be writing a sermon now...and it's Saturday night.

mibi52 said...

Welcome to the RevGals blogring! I'm another of your confreres (or I guess we would be consoeurs).

I work two blocks from the White House, and I was just leaving the gym when the first plane hit. Got to the office and we all watched the TV. PH (aka Pastoral Husband) called and said he heard the White House was under attack, and he could see smoke from our house in Northern Virginia. It was the Pentagon that had been hit, and shortly thereafter, they evacuated our building. I managed to make it across the Roosevelt Bridge, watching billows of black smoke coming from the Pentagon, before they shut down the bridges. Got home and couldn't get a phone line to call relatives or my boss in North Carolina. Both land lines and cell lines were all overloaded. Church had a prayer service with our wonderful interim pastor at 3 pm. We have friends who worked at the Pentagon and at the WTC, and everyone was working the phones to find out if they were OK. My company lost 7 people at the WTC, a church friend lost her nephew there, but none of our parishioners who worked at the Pentagon were hurt. Another church in our denomination lost eight people there that day. It was a nightmare of a day, and I will never forget it. The silence of no planes overhead, then the sound of F-16s and military helicopters patrolling overhead - it was very odd and frightening. I went back to work two days later, and there was a tank on Pennsylvania avenue by the entrance to the Old Executive Office Building right alongside the White House, and military with M-16s at the entrances to the Metro.

It was and is unforgettable.