Friday, August 26, 2005

The softer side of me...

7 things that suprise me about being a Mom:

7) I never mind the fact that he is now my alarm clock. I find myself going to him happily because I missed him during the night.

6) That the pediatrician always says we are doing a good job and lets us take him back home with us.

5) How patient I can be with him (not all of the time, but certainly more than I ever thought I would be).

4) How incredible the back of his neck smells.

3) How incredibly cute oatmeal and apple mush can be when spread on a dimply face that looks just like yours (only his cheeks are described as cute and pudgy, not fat!)

2) How much stronger he has made our marriage.

1) That although I will never get too cocky about it(let's face it the kid doesn't talk or move yet), I don't think I am too bad at this Mommy thing.

Thanks. That felt good.


Becky Ardell Downs said...

THanks so much for your comments!

Well, I'll add what surprises me about being a mom. My babies are now 10 (Lizzie) and almost 2 (Sam).
1. I still feel the same depth of attachment to my 10 year old as I did when she was born.
2. The older child adores the baby, feeling very little jealousy after having been an only for so long.
3. There is still absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for them.
4. My children, children of two chronically depressed people, are happy. This is the miracle of miracles.
5. My husband and I are way better parents than our parents were, just like we always told our parents we would be.

Okay, they're back in from outside, I have to go!

Pink Shoes said...

Beautifully put. Isn't it amazing just how incredibly the little one is. At just over three months, my little guy has turned my life upside down. Thanks for your thoughts about your child.