Thursday, September 1, 2005

Can she BE any more self-centered?

Just a brief post to let anyone who reads this know that I am not oblivious to the major crises that are going on around us. Hurricane Katrina's aftermath is mind boggling and atrocious. I am merely biding my time until I find a concrete way to help because I am guessing that yelling at the tv screen at looters and slow moving officials is not exactly "getting 'er done".

And the loss of life in Iraq from the stampede is disgusting and the continued violence in South Africa makes my stomach hurl...

In the meantime I was hit with a personal mini-crisis and I was using this forum to vent. Today I make some un-fun phone calls. Please in the midst of your prayers for the global nightmare, throw one in for kj and her 'friendly church in the country'.

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