Thursday, September 8, 2005

Dealing with Delia

Did anyone see a woman named Delia on CNN this morning? She is one of people who has chosen to stay. It is hard to describe her... confident, umpteenth generation New Orleans, lives in the art district. She road her bike to the interview. When Soledad O'Brien asked her why she would stay with the toxic water around her she said that her house was high and dry with very little damage. It was the media who chose to hang out in the toxic water.

She also clarified that folks were told to get out, but were not given the means to do so. They were then given the Superdome option which turned into a horror and a nightmare.

She has working phones, a gas stove and somehow water - including showers. She wants the mayor to meet with folks to tell them why they have to leave because the alternatives are not acceptable.

Not sure whose side I'm on here. A lot of gray area, just like life.


Songbird said...

I only caught the end of her interview with Soledad O'Brien, thanks for filling in the blanks.
I guess I understand the desire to stay put, but I also think they really have to empty the place out to really have a chance of cleaning it up.

Lorna said...

it's a hard call - she sounds stubborn and tenacious and wonderful at the same time. It takes real courage to say that the alternatives are not acceptable - but staying put isn't either.

My heart really goes out to her and people like her. What a choice to make :(

God is your mercy hear our prayer -Give Your comfort to these people Amen