Thursday, September 29, 2005

Random beach Thoughts

Greetings all... okay, the 3 of you! I have returned and I am back in my office which means I have been working on this blog and none of the other small fires that are accumulated on my desk.

I have promised myself to not bore you and wax poetic endlessly about the beach, but will instead post some one-time-only thoughts. Enjoy or ignore:

  • The first night of beach and inlet sounds is loud.
  • The rest of the nights are soothing.
  • Baby boy + sunscreen lotion + salt = the best smell EVER
  • I can still boogie board as well as when I was a kid.
  • After riding the wave in, I do NOT get up off the boogie board as well as I did as a kid.
  • What wouldn’t make sense here makes total sense there:
    - Diving into sand and surf (not to mention over chairs, towels and people) in order to keep the ball going back and forth during Kadima (paddle ball).
    - Getting way too competitive over horseshoes.
    - Playing horseshoes in the first place.
    - Putting off dinner in order to coordinate it properly with sunset and high tide.
    - Spending a ridiculous $6 on a sandwich simply because it is at a stand on the beach.
  • I am glad TDH came along. On the last day he cleaned and packed so I could spend the last few hours on the beach.
  • I am glad he came along for other reasons too.
  • Food just tastes better there.
  • After copious quantities of fried foods, creamy soups, pork roll sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese, cheese dogs and French fries (not your normal hot dogs), Chinese food, saltwater taffy, pints of ice cream and basically anything bad for me I was able to get my mouth around, I am seriously ready for a week of salad and brown rice.
  • In a paraphrase of Brick Tamblyn from Anchorman: I love beach.

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