Friday, September 16, 2005


Okay, I am posting this again because it got buried down there in the column and I think it could be fun... and we need your help. I am posting this with the commitment that I will leave it and not become impatient with it.

Have a great weekend and have fun!

Create Your Own CD!
I have a fun thing for you to do besides all of the work you actually need to get done today. My friend 'A' is working on a cd for kids that has adult music on it. Basically, songs that are silly but not obnoxious for adults to listen to like: Yellow Submarine by the Beatles and Movin’ Right Along by the Muppets and The Jungle Song by ummm, I forget (you know the one… ‘in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight'). Please excuse my singing voice...

What are your suggestions?


Pink Shoes said...

I would add "If I had a $1,000,000" by the great Canadians... The Barenaked Ladies.

Bad Alice said...

How about something off of No! by They Might be Giants?

Sophia said...

I agree with the Barenaked Ladies and They Might Be Giants.

Also, how about something from the old Anamaniacs CD? They have a song about states, and one (I think it's a bit outdated) about countries.

Also, how about The Rainbow Connection?

Or one of the versions of Locomotion?

Or The Twist?

I'm also kind of partial to the music from The Lion King.

And campfire songs.

Bad Alice said...

Yep, definitely The Locomotion. Sure beats The Wheels on the Bus (though I admit to a certain fondness for it, since my youngest looks so cute singing it).

Anonymous said...

Our oldest loves Who let the dogs out, the barking excites her. She also loves James Brown, something about the funk gets her going...Get on the Good Foot, but watch out with JB, some things not appropriate for children.

Becky Ardell Downs said...

lots of 50's & 60's music-- how about "Splish, Splash" or "Blue Suede Shoes"? I also agree with BNL and TMBG. They Might Be Giants actually have a kids album out now. Also love Jonathan Richman, from the 80's & 90's. I used to sing the JR "Little Airplane" song to get my daughter to eat.