Monday, October 10, 2005

An attempt at poetry...

I don't normally blog on Monday - or at least not early Monday - as this is my day off (read: my day to be with The Boy). But I am in my office waiting possibly for Godot and I thought I'd post something about my day on Saturday.

Without grossing anyone out I will tell you that The Boy had a diaper blowout so huge that I ended up hosing down: him, me, the exersaucer, various toys, the neighbor's shed, a passing milk truck and our kitty.


I'm not a very good poet. And I know...well, let's just say I am aware of the situation. However, the combination of waiting in my office on my day off for a phone man that may or may not ever come and not wanting to use that time wisely has encouraged me to be brave and post something I wrote while at the beach.
So just for fun (read: NOT for harsh criticism) I share this:

Slight brushing of the lips
Warm breath of pears and apples
Sticky, moist fingers across my face
A happy gurgle and a wet kiss
Nap time is over for both of us
Announces the best alarm clock ever.


apstraight said...

It's wonder-full...

Thank you-

Songbird said...


will smama said...

In reading this I can see where my ungraceful self trounced all over the poetry. Still, it was fun to do. Thanks for the words.

mz said...

I like shouldn't be so apolgetic...and you should write more on Mondays.

cheesehead said...

My poetry is strictly for fun, too.

Don't apologize, just keep writing.

I agree with Songbird--it was sweet.

Bad Alice said...

Poetry can't grow if you're so harsh with it. You'll make it run away and hide! Let it happily express itself.