Friday, October 21, 2005


I would like to thank the stereotypical conservative evangelicals who have made it impossible for any morality issues to be discussed without being tainted by their hate and inability to see the gray area. If I speak out against the current cultural climate I am immediately put in a category with Falwell, Robertson and the like.

I was watching a segment on the Today Show that spoke of the sexual activity of today’s teens and I wanted to say: of course our children are more violent and active in the seedy side of casual sex. Did you think that by cloaking immorality in words like ‘capitalism’ and ‘free speech’ that there would be no repercussions? Have you seen MTV lately? Have you noticed the amount of parents who ‘medicate’ their children with filler tv and video games as they continue their quest for the almighty dollar or their own right to feel good? Did you not think suburban warfare would have any casualties?

But I cannot say that because even my own mind flinches in horror and says to me “you sound like a faith-based initiative.”

And while I'm at it how come during the last inquisition of the proposed Supreme Court justice the media and democrats were chastised for bringing religion into it saying it should not be allowed in the equation and yet for the current proposed Supreme Court justice it has become the platform of choice and the stated reason why she should be approved?

Can anyone red and 'right' please just acknowledge the hypocrisy of it all so we can move on towards a better government blue, red or whatever color you choose?!



brother terry said...


I'm not one of those guys even though they "claim" me as a brother.


will smama said...

QG, I agree with everything you wrote (although I am not sure I would disagree with who you think should be nominated).

I had wondered who in their right mind would actually be willing to put their family through the grilling of a Supreme Court nomination. Your Texas insider info made sense.

I agree there are no innocents here: republican, democrat, media, etc...

Sometimes my idealistic heart wishes our government could just have one big do-over since I'm pretty sure this is not what our founding fathers had in mind.

go 'stros.

Quotidian Grace said...

I agree on the "do-over" and of course on the 'stros!