Sunday, November 20, 2005

Children's Sermon, Part II

So our 8th grader fill-in did great on the Children’s Sermon. She had a glass mostly full of water and then handed out rocks to all of the children. She talked about how sometimes we think our lives aren’t full enough, like the glass of water, and when that happens we should count our blessings (the rocks). She then invited the kids to take turns and come up and place their rocks in the water and as they did to say something they are thankful for.

Of course the idea was that the glass would overflow because of the water displaced by the rocks.

All of the kids would put a rock in and say something they were thankful for and then go sit down.

“Family” [plip]
“Baseball” [plop]
“Dessert [plip]
“Jesus” [plop]

One of the people who had come up front for the children’s sermon was ‘Michael’ (3) and his Daddy who was holding Michael’s 7 month old sister, ‘Julie’. When it came around to Michael’s turn he just stood there and wouldn’t budge. Around and around the kids went and the water moved its way to the top of the cup but didn’t go over.

The whole event started to drag out and the kids were running out of things to say (I knew things were getting desperate when one of the kids mentioned me). STILL the water refused to overflow and STILL Michael would have none of it as his father began to struggle with keeping Julie quiet and away from the stones he held in his hands.

Eventually the kids threw in their last rocks and all eyes soon rested on Michael and family who were the only ones with rocks left and the cup had still not overflowed.

With the pressure mounting Michael’s Dad stood up with Julie, walked over, dropped all of their pebbles into the cup and in a baby voice said, “breast milk.”

The cup… and the laughter overflowed.


Gord said...

Amen! (Although both of our two refused to take the breast and made us buy formula instead, maybe next time...)

Songbird said...

That is cute!
We had a returned queen separate the (friendly) dogs from the (not-so-hospitable) cats, to great acclamation. The congregation played the cats and the dogs.

Quotidian Grace said...

Here are QG's infallible rules for children's sermons--

1. Keep it short or you will loose control.
2. Don't ask the kids more than 1 question.
3. The answer to the question is always Jesus.
4. Don't hand out anything to the kids--you may not have enough for everyone and THAT would be a disaster.

At my church our pastors give the children's sermon once a month and the rest of the time it is given by volunteers from the congregation--men and women and an occasional teenager. They volunteer during stewardship season and are then scheduled throughout the year. We've done it this way for years and it works quite well.

will smama said...

Gord - I guess you actually mean "this" time.

QG - Here at small, rural church our rules look something like this:

1)Don't tick off the woman who does it because she will leave the church and take their tithe with them. She is not an evil person just very child-like (stubborn and hard to communicate with in an adult manner).
2) Jesus is the only answer.
3) When frustrated by rambling and bad planning see #1.

Certainly if a more serious issue came up we would put up a battle, but these are children's sermons.

It ain't the mountain I want to die on.

apstraight said...

Very, very nice... Thank you-


Quotidian Grace said...

Will Smama, you are so right. When you come into an existing situation you have to carefully choose your battles.

Preacher Mom said...

Love it!

Nothing strikes fear in my heart quite like doing a children's sermon - and I really do love children. I'll never forget seeing one done by a seminary student where the children insisted on taking her point places she never meant to go. She finally just threw her hands up in surrender and laughed out loud. Sometimes, that is the best you can do.

And as for choosing battles, it is a key rule to survival as a pastor - and as a mom!

LutheranChik said...