Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Matter of Life and Death - well....

Okay, not really. And after going almost a whole week without a post, what an odd thing to grab my attention, but people I must know your opinions!

In your humble opinion, is MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY the sexiest man alive?

Is this all that we have left now that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have both gone to the dark side of infidelity and lunacy (not necessarily in that order, but probably)?
Did Jude Law make one to many bad movies and 'Alfie' his way right out of consideration?
Is Harry Connick Jr. too music-oriented or too charitable?
Mel Gibson too conservative and covered in fake blood?
Harrison Ford too old (and a bit sad with the earring)?
Clint Eastwood too genius?
Pierce Bronson too (let's interrupt this rant for a moment to imagine ourselves in the role of Renee Russo in The Thomas Crowne Affair............ mmmm)

Anyway, I digress....

Matthew McConaughey? Have you heard him give an interview - dude is weird! And not just Texas-weird (hello reverend mother, quotidian grace and others I just offended - hopefully you know what I mean, if not... sorry ;)).

People rally around and tell me:

Who IS the sexiest man alive?

(And consider this amnesty on having to list your significant other. We'll just consider it a given).

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