Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tardy Thanksgiving Blog

It's weird having another blogger in the house.

Although I know they have a blog and we both actively read and comment on one another's posts, there was something about having them RIGHT THERE that kept me from logging on and even sharing the briefest of comments.

So I am tardy with this, but here it is:

1) Did you cook or bake anything for Thanksgiving?
The joke is that I make cranberry sauce every year. Hats off to those who make fancy jellies with various rinds and eye of newt, but I am a Neandrathal who enjoys it out of the can... with lines please.

This year it was particularly hard to make because the brand we bought did not have a rim at the bottom for the can opener to open the bottom lid. There was no way to release the suction in the can so that the beautiful column of sauce would be intact naturally. SO I had to use all of my cooking skills gained at the cooking academy and use a spatula to coax the cranberry sauce out into the bowl.

There were some minor blemishes but the flavor was there! Thanks be to God.

2) How was it received?

It was received well by all but my mother-in-law who just doesn't 'get' me and frankly doesn't care to. Someday, we shall blog about this... but not now.

3) Anything left over?
Actually had to MAKE leftovers the next day.

4) What's the best use of Thanksgiving leftovers you have ever seen?
In my belly.

5) And the worst?
Too much in my belly.


mz said...

Weeeee...I am SUPER appreciative of the cranberry sauce out of the can...thank you for helping to continue that tradition.

So...now that you are back...can you PLEASE blog about 'holiday' trees...you are the ONLY person I trust to fully express all that I feel about the subject.

OooOOooOoooo....you know...they dtill play Christmas songs...I wonder if they will start making them all-religion-encompassing as well!


SingingOwl said...

LOL at numbers 4. and 5. :^D