Sunday, December 4, 2005


I love snow... except for Sunday mornings. And this morning it is not really snow, but rather ice. There is nothing we can do about it. The plow would do nothing against it. We just have to wait for it to warm up enough to melt it.

Of course, the only people who showed up for Sunday School are the die-hards (read: older folks who have EVERY excuse to skip church when it is an ice rink out there).

Gotta go back out and shovel and spread environmentally hazardous salt.

ADDENDUM: Well, the parking lot only melted a little bit BUT one of the perks of the country church is that it is a matter of pride to get to church when the weather is bad. The place was full - yeah!


see-through faith said...

yeah ice is NO fun!

Glad the die-hards showed up :)

net said...

Gotta love lake-effect snow! I'm in NW PA (near Erie) and we've had 3 and 1/2 feet so far this winter! I'm grateful for the die hards who put on their knee-high boots and for members of the youth group who clean off our church sidewalks!

Songbird said...

You make my Mainers sound wimpy. Some balked at standing outside the door to hang the wreaths in the lovely flurries yesterday!

Lorna said...

great idea involving youth to clear the areas nearby... our church steps were slippery on Sunday :(