Friday, December 9, 2005

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five - Snowday Edition

1) Snow: Love it or hate it?
LOVE IT! I don’t have to drive in it because I am close to work so there is everything to love.
However TDH is on a whole other level. He has been known to stay outside the ENTIRE day playing with the dog, shoveling and making snow sculptures (very amateur snow sculptures). Once he even brought in the head of his snow tiger because he felt he could do better detail in the sink. It's in his blood, he was born and raised in Minnesota.

2) First Snow Memory
I was 6 and our moving day was set for late January. Of course, there was a huge blizzard, the move was postponed and all I wanted to do was play outside. I remember how patient my Mom was with me as she explained that I couldn’t go outside because the snow would be over my head. It took me until I saw my father attempting to do something outside with snow drifts up to his chest to realize that maybe an inside day was a good idea after all even if all my toys were packed up.

3) Best Snow Day ever (actual or imagined)
Mine is actual. I was older now and a bunch of us were outside playing all day. After dinner we all went out again and the night was still – almost warm – but the air had a magic quality about it. We started playing stickball as if it were summer – adults played too. I remember actually thinking that I never wanted it to end.

4) Best Use of Snow in a Movie, Song, Book or Poem
Well, it might be because the movie is being overwhelmingly promoted, but off the top of my head I would still say the imagery in my head of it always being winter but never Christmas from the book The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

5) What are you Planning to do Today with or without Snow
TDH has been shoveling, our new snowplow hire has been struggling (job bigger than the truck he brought), and I have been inside on The Boy duty. Eventually this reprieve will end and I will be at the desk staring at a computer screen where my sermon is supposed to be.We might take more pictures of The Boy a little later, but we already took a few this morning.

We took 40 pictures. In 3 of them he is smiling. In most he is staring at the snow plow. In a few - like this one - he is looking at the camera like: "Are they kidding me with this? It's snow, I get it. I mean really what is there not to get about cold and wet?"

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