Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thank You

One of the hazards of growing up Presbyterian is that while your decent and in order sides (not to mention the liturgical and committee sides) become very well developed sometimes the spiritual side lags behind.

Spiritual development is an area that I need to work on. That said, I felt your prayers tonight.

Thank you. Thank you for holding me, my family and my congregation in prayer.

The meeting was two hours long. It had to be in order for people to leave confident that they had been heard. We were able to separate the issues from the desire to have this family come back. It was agreed – fairly early on – that although the issues should be addressed they should not be addressed just to get this family to come back.

It seemed healthy and there were no post-meeting conversations in the parking lot something I always consider to be a good sign.

My favorite part came when we were way into the second hour and someone mentioned wrapping things up. Someone else said, “It is the week of Christmas, you know.”

Yes people, I know.

It was essential that I be a non-anxious presence during this meeting and I firmly believe that it was because of your prayers that I was able to do so.

Thank you, friends. Thank you.


Mary Beth said...

O, glory!

Up in the night to check on the progress of the ReverendBaby and YOU. Thank you for updating. Blessings and Happy Christmas!

:) wish I could make him a bigger smiley...!

Kathryn said...

Oh, they do take the biscuit sometimes, don't they! We're very proud of you for maintaining that calm...Now, forward to Christmas and then your HOLIDAY :-)
Blessings x

Listing Straight said...

I hate to repeat myself, but you are an amazing pastor- they may not realize it for 10 years, but they are fortunate to have your leadership.

Now go play with the boy, don't get a cold, and have a great holiday- I mean Christmas and New Year-

Preacher Mom said...

"On the wings of a prayer" - the Spirit can carry us through places we never thought we could survive.

Have a blessed Christmas with those you love the most!

Songbird said...

This is good news. Bless you this weekend.

Quotidian Grace said...

Our spiritual development does indeed lag our skill in developing agendas, calling meetings and beating each other over the head with the BOO.

I'm glad to hear this good report!

Emily said...

Good news indeed! And a blessed Christmas to you!