Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prayers for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

There are big things happening in Liberia.

I am not much into politics but my head turned yesterday evening as I heard on the national news about a 67 year old grandmother who has just been sworn in as the President of Liberia. I loved how they described her that way and then mentioned, oh by the way, she is also an economist with a Harvard degree.

Ciona has an eloquent entry about this woman and Liberia.

I cannot help but wonder - as more and more women rise to significant power in this world - if that is not the key to this earthly kingdom being a better place. It sounds a bit like bumper sticker theology, but I figure we have seen what kind of mess the men have made, why not give women a try.


will smama said...

:) Habit I guess...

Gord said...

Sems fairly logical to me--bumper sticker or not