Sunday, January 29, 2006

Resignation Letter (not really)

Dear Church,

This past Sunday by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit the Lord used me to present a sermon on I Corinthians 8:1-13. The point of this sermon was that too often we use our heads instead of our hearts when in conversation with those whose opinions we disagree. I challenged all of us not to avoid the issues for the sake of unity, but rather to embrace our diversity and really listen to one another with love.

Now as you all know I am not one for labels but I think if you knew of whom I was speaking you would agree that both the most liberal and the most conservative in our congregation came to me afterwards and thanked me for this powerful message. Both parties ALSO took a copy of the sermon signifying that they were not just doing the normal routine at the back door NOR were they just thinking of an illustration they liked. In fact, dear people, this past Sunday I told no jokes.

In light of these compliments from both the right and the left (and others in between) I have decided to make like George Costanza and leave on a high note.

Thank you Church, you've been great. That's it for me.

Good night,
Pastor kj


Songbird said...

I'm glad they were so responsive! Blessings to you and the people of your church.
(I loved that Seinfeld episode.)

will smama said...

It is nice to write something positive for a change. And to be reminded that I can hold their attention without using the word 'spandex'.

Sue said...

Oh, good for you!! Isn't it great when everything goes so well? It's like all the planets are aligned in just the right way.

Those great Sundays make up for those weeks when all the faces staring back at you from the pews have this odd expression as if you've just sprouted antlers. (Or perhaps that's just me....ah crap.)

Lorna said...

sprouted antlers? I feel like that right now.

hugs to you K. Praise God that He's given your congregation ears to hear, and hearts to respond.

cheesehead said...

I love hearing stories like this...I just wish it had been my story this week. Well...I hear Sunday will roll around again in 6 days. Maybe then.

Good for you!

Emily said...

These times make up for a lot of other (bad word), don't they?