Thursday, January 5, 2006

Top 10 Reasons I need a Vacation from my Vacation

10) Two words: stomach virus

9) The guilt I will carry in perpetuity for spreading the stomach virus to our family and friends (how happy is reverend mommy NOW that we missed out on lunch together).

8) The day I spent with my Dad at the VA Hospital.

7) It was my job to push him around in an extra-wide wheelchair while he barked where to turn right as we were about to pass it. He then wondered why I couldn't stop and turn on a dime.

6) At one point we were in a wheelchair congested hallway and my Dad said with emphasis, "Beep. Beep."

5) The man blocking our way had stopped for a rest because he had no one to push him...

4) ... and only one arm.

3) I still had a touch of #10.

2) After a full day of pushing and going out to the far reaches of the parking lot to get the car and loading him in my Dad says in typical Old Florida Person fashion (see Seinfeld), "You need the a/c on?"

1) I am staying at TDH's brother's house. They. have. no. beer.

One week from right now, we'll be home. Thanks be to God.

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