Thursday, January 19, 2006

VA Observations

Since my 3300 mile trip DID include two long drives through Virginia this could be a post about that, but instead it is about the VA Hospital where I spent the day with my father.

Here are some random observations I made about the VA:

- With well over 100 handicap spots they become more of a status symbol than an actual convenience.

- Once I went with someone to a car dealer who specialized in Lincoln Town Cars. I saw more in the VA parking lot.

- I was surprised by how few pro-Bush bumper stickers there were. Almost every car had a version of the yellow ribbon magnet with "Bring home our troops" printed on it and there was one: "When Clinton lied, no one died" bumpersticker.

- There is a HUGE disconnect between the generations who fought in WWII and the Korean War and the veterans from Vietnam. There is an even BIGGER disconnect between all of them and the Iraq veterans.

- I was actually impressed with how most things were run. There was no huge wait time and we receive a print out of the time and location of all appointments.

- There was A LOT of walking/pushing expected.

- There were wheelchairs strewn about the parking lots like shopping carts at a Walmart.

- Much like the DMV, it was quite a mix of all economic levels.

- It's a commissary, not a cafeteria dumb ass.

- There is no rank in the waiting rooms, only ticket numbers.

- Them Vets likes their smokes.

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