Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dynamics of a Sunday Morning Snow Day

You cannot take the kid out of the pastor so my initial reaction when someone else in authority made the call last night to cancel church was, “WHEE!!!”

There are some reprecussions though…

- We miss out on one week of offering. Sure some folks tithe and give a set amount whether they are here or not, but a lot of folks give “loose” offering.

- All activities for next weekend do not have the previous Sunday lead-in. We are doing a supper fundraiser on Saturday and a Valentine’s breakfast on Sunday next week and we lose today’s opportunity to get more folks to volunteer and/or sign up for those events.

- Rescheduling today’s activities. It was going to be a busy Sunday – 9 new members joining including one by baptism, our annual congregational meeting following the service, and some special music in worship.

- Getting the word out. A mass email went out, our phone chain called, I personally called everyone who has been visiting lately but is not on the official phone chain yet (our phone chain runs through the deacons, each of them have a Care Group list consisting of members of the congregation and consistent visitors). STILL there will be one who did not get the word and decides to come to church this morning… meanwhile there will be others who get the word 5 different ways.

- The grumpy die-hards. Our roots are rural, country, farmers. Rural, country farmers are tough and a little snow ain’t gonna keep them from church. In fact, it is a reason to be SURE to get to church just to see if the other rural, country farmers make it too. They get very sore when we cancel. The great irony being that it is because of them that we do cancel. You see our rural, country, farmers are mainly in their 70’s or over these days and yet they will come to church with the parking lot icy and park in their normal spot as far away from the Sanctuary as possible (so back in the day they could get out of the lot the fastest in order to get back to the cows but now it is just out of habit). I cannot have their broken hip on my conscience.

- The guilt is starting to build up now because it is 10am and we are all plowed and shoveled. With the snow hitting the parking lot, the ice and slush is melting fairly quickly… huh.

Overall though I think it is a good thing. I am hoping folks are taking the opportunity to have a serendipitous moment with their families and friends. I know TDH and I are having the youth group and anyone else who wants to come over here and play in the snow and watch movies and drink hot chocolate and eat something (I haven’t figured out that part yet).

And to me that is what snow days are really all about. An unplanned free day where the enjoyment levels are sure to exceed the expectations because there were never any in the first place.


Apostle John said...

I had this sort of experience when I served a church in the mountains of Tennessee.

Now the only thing that cancels a service is a hurricane :(

I can understand the kid in the pastor :)

Quotidian Grace said...

Good for you for having 9 new members ready to join the church! That is outstanding -- the PCUSA needs a whole lot more of that.

Lorna said...

I don't think we've ever cancelled. And yes one Christmas morning an older lady fell and broke her ankle on her way out!

Loved the idea of you and the youth group having fun. God bless you all - hope it was great.

PS left a note over at stacey's place - but I have heaps of church history courses too. Who plans these things anyway! lol


Rev Dave said...

I'm out in the west, where just about everybody is like the old farmers. That's why God made four wheel drive, so you can get to church no matter what the weather. One snowy Sunday I mentioned in passing that where I grew up in New England, church would've been canceled under similar conditions.
Now we're not much into call and and response here, but very clearly, I heard someone say:

will smama said...

dave - rofl!