Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random Thursday Thoughts

I'm babysitting again today.

TDH is off moving his parents into their new home... 15 minutes away from us.

My mother-in-law is a judgmental conservative who questions me on just about everything I do or say. Basically, her son was supposed to be the minister in the family, not his wife.
Every time TDH talks to her she asks if I do anything around the house. Every time he explains to her that I am the bread winner in our family and I do just plenty.

Every. Time.

And yet it is a good thing they are moving closer. It will be easier to check in on them as their health has been very shaky in recent years. I worry for TDH though. They put a lot of burden on him.


My addendum to the Olympics mini-rant is to ask Scott Hamilton and Dick Button to tone it down just a little bit. I mean, do we really need three commentators when there is only one person on the ice? Scott and Dick, my nostalgia loves you but it is time to ssssshhhhhh.


I love that having a one year old in the house means there are always plenty of graham crackers here. Graham crackers and milk is our favorite snack. And it makes me feel like a real Mom to sit at the table and eat them with him.


I realize that there are a lot of societal reprecussions to the lottery. And who knows what will happen to the folks who just won in Nebraska. All I want to say is that I love that eight folks from a meat packing plant won the durn thing. And I love that the one guy said, "I've been retired for about four days now."

It just seems like an IRS manager or a Senator or an NBA basketball player are always winning those things... these folks seem like eight that could use the break.


Jo(e) made me cry today. I hope I will one day get to a point where I only think about The Boy's older sister once a year... well, maybe not.


I happen to know for a fact that right now the newsletter article and Sunday's sermon are NOT writing themselves.


Songbird said...

My loss was almost as long ago as hers, and although the feelings are not as sharp as they were, I certainly think of it more often than once a year.
I'm sorry the in-laws are difficult.

Teri said...

i prefer graham crackers and frosting--any kind of frosting that comes out of a can and is nothing but sugar--to milk. BUT, in Egypt, no graham crackers, no frosting, and milk in boxes (weird).

Mary Beth said...

O - my - goodness

on the in-laws.

You are gonna have an opportunity to practice some real forbearance.

You lucky gal!

see-through faith said...

(((wills mama)))

RuthRE said...

Oh inlaws....I've always felt sorry for my mother for my own paternal grandparents!