Sunday, February 12, 2006


Beloved Children of God,

Because of concerns for the safety of traveling parishioners due to icy
roads, snow drifts and high winds, Sunday School and Worship service for
Sunday, February 12, 2006 have been cancelled.

Please enjoy this Sabbath day with your family.

Peace be with You,
Clerk of Session

I do wonder if we should have only cancelled Sunday School and done worship at its usual time, 10:30. I did not ultimately make the call though so the real question becomes: will I write another sermon this week so I am actually one ahead?


Songbird said...

It just began to flurry here, so I didn't cancel (it's 8 am as I write this, with church and Sunday School at 10). In our case the Head Deacon and I conferred, but I believe he would have agreed with whatever I suggested. When we had a snow day last year, I really liked the service I had planned and used it the next week, even the bulletins with the wrong date!!

will smama said...

Ooh, that is a good idea. Maybe we will just shift to next week and conserve some paper while we're at it. Who cares if there are a few things wrong in the bulletin if the gist of worship is the same.

Have a good worship!

Songbird said...

Thanks! We had about 25 people (usual attendance 50-60), which wasn't a bad turnout. I shortened the service and rearranged a bit so that we could take time for fellowship without going much beyond the usual worship hour. My sermon was longer than usual, so I had to cut elsewhere! The deacon of the month brought a special coffee cake, and we really enjoyed eating it together!
We brought both dogs to church; Sam whined quietly all through my sermon. If I ever have him in church again, I'll just keep him with me. #2 Son had him in the back and said he would stand up to peer at me over the pews, then lie down and whine some more!