Saturday, February 11, 2006

Temporarily Out of Service

There will be no further postings until the Ordinary Time submissions are done.

2 down, 3 to go.

3 down, 2 to go.

4 down, 1 to go.

5 down, 0 to go!!!

I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Songbird said...

So you're not going to post to inspire us while we finish ours?
Or come over to my place and notice that one of the teeny words on my Word Cloud is "smama?"

Gord said...

Happy Birthday to THe Boy btw.

(happily my Ordinary Time posts are done and posted--although I still have this nagging feeling they may be terrible...)

will smama said...

songbird - VERY cool

Gord - Are you trying to make me cry? Are you? Because I will do it if you push me... I did read somewhere that research shows that smug, on-time writers do not have nearly the creativity of desperate, pushing the deadline writers.

See what happens when you make me cry?

Songbird said...

I even ordered the shirt, will smama. You'll be with me always. (Or at least until the cat pees on the shirt.)

Gord, no making the girls cry!!

Gord said...

NO, not trying to make the girls cry. THe important part was that nagging doubt about quality--they may well be total trash and so need redoing. I am almost afraid to re-read them critically just in case.

Besides, as anyone who knows me will tell you, this is definitely the exception for me to be done on time...

juniper68 said...

Hey, is posting in your comments the same as posting?

Keep breathing. Keep breathing. Keep breathing.

(or as my cranky Scottish aikido teacher used to shout as he kicked us in the guts while we did our sit ups "Breathe! If ya donna breathe, ya die!")

Blessings on all the prep and happy birthday to boy (and congrats to boy's mama on this auspicious day, also!)


Songbird said...

How did I miss the boy's birthday? Well, Happy Birthday to the special lad!
(I finished another one.)

will smama said...

You didn't miss it, his birthday is Saturday.

I'm hoping to post one within the hour.

mz said...

Ummmm...within which hour??

Just kidding ;)



will smama said...

Hey! I posted one...

Teri said...

i have finished my last one, or what i think is my last one, but my rigorous peer review process (my boyfriend and a fellow YAV) means it's going to be even later than it already is. I suck. Especially since my excuses involve vacation in Rome and "i want to watch Buffy."

Also, I posted shamelessly on my blog, my cooking blog, my friends' blogs, etc etc etc...all the while claiming I didn't have anything to say yet.

Happy writing! I am with you in spirit and solidarity in lateness and all that other stuff.

see-through faith said...

what! come back with a progress report :)

Songbird said...

I have to say this was my inspiration to finish my 6th and final reflection.
Yay me!!
Yay will smama!!

will smama said...

Ugh! Songbird, you are KILLING me.

I mean... errr... congratulations.

I look forward to being inspired via beheading.

Lorna said...

keep breathing dear friend :)

Kathryn said...

We're proud of you...truly! The only reason that mine were done any earlier than yours is because I knew I couldn't go to Venice without having finished them...but I bet you're nearly, if not completely, there by now.
Belated birthday joy to The Boy too x

Songbird said...

I hope we will all smile together when we get to July and those back-to-back beheading devotions. Pink Shoes wrote a poem, and it is beautiful. My angle was church family systems. Very different and I hope good, too.

see-through faith said...

hallelujah! Now that IS good news!