Tuesday, March 7, 2006

The Cross Meme

St. Casserole started it.

Do you wear a cross? Short answer: No. But then why do the meme? Until February 4, 2005 I wore a cross necklace. Why did I stop then? Because I did not want to risk losing it in the hospital when I gave birth to my son. And now I still do not wear it because I do not want him to pull it off.

Is there a particular time or place that you consider wearing a cross? I always wore it.

Where do you wear it? Around my neck, usually underneath my clothing.

What does the cross look like? Simple gold cross on a simple gold chain. It is probably about 3/4" in height.

Who gave the cross to you or did you choose it? My parents for a birthday when I was in high school after I specifically asked for one and explained to them the kind I wanted.

Is this your favorite cross, if so, why? It is my favorite. I look at it every day and weigh the risk factor of wearing it, but I know from experience with my niece and nephews that The Boy is right at prime necklace grabbing age.

What does wearing a cross mean to you? I wear a cross to remind me of Whose I am and because I'm grateful for my calling. (That was St. Casserole's answer and it is a good one.) I also now appreciate the longevity of it. I received the cross in high school and that is how long I have had this calling.

Wanna play? Tag yourself and tell us if, when and why you wear or don't wear a cross.


St. Casserole said...

I stopped wearing necklaces when my babies were babies. I didn't wear earrings either!
Thanks for doing the meme. YOU are never late to the party! EVER.

will smama said...

Too kind, Songbird. Too kind.

Apostle John said...

My cross that I used to wear with my pulpit robe was given to me when I was 12 years old -- as an acolyte.

I stopped wearing it because the chain sometimes moves over the lapel mike