Saturday, March 4, 2006

Procrastination Helpline

Once again I found myself late Saturday night with a sermon not yet complete. Once again Songbird found herself in the same predicament and rather than use the comments in one of her posts as a psuedo-instant messaging device - as we have done in the past - we began to email.

Random thoughts about this and that covered such varying topics as trips with pets, what was playing on our television sets and our truly great gifts in the art of procrastination. Finally one of us emailed the following:

Dog-friendly Vermont Bed & Breakfast - $150
Internet connection - $50 p/month
Shrek 2 dvd – 13.99

Having Antonio Banderas show up shirtless with a finished sermon in his hand… priceless.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone. Peace be with you...

1 comment:

Songbird said...

We all know you were the clever one. :-)