Friday, March 24, 2006

RevGalBlogPal Friday Meme: Planet Will Smama

RevGal Friday Five: Planet Your Name

songbird wrote: Yesterday, as I drove past Planet Fitness on my way to Planet Dog, and remembering there is also a Planet Hollywood, I wondered, "If there were a Planet Songbird, what would it look like?" I began to envision a store selling all my favorite things, probably in the kind of house I lived in as a child, one of those late 19th-century houses with a long hallway on the side and double parlors on the other, with windows to the floor facing the front porch.
Name five things that would be on the shelves of Planet (Your Name).

Well, at first I was thinking big, warehouse type store, but the more I thought about it the more I thought about a beachfront Victorian with an outdoor shower, beautiful wood floor and beams in the ceiling to match, wrap around porches on both floors and lots of nooks and some hidden walls and passageways.

Inside you will find:
  1. big comfy couches that you sink into yet somehow they still have the ability to hold your drink straight when you set it down,
  2. ice cold beer on tap but none of the idiots that usually hang out at places that have ice cold beer on tap,
  3. 'nannies on demand' so I could show off my cute child, but when his face (or butt) needed to be wiped I could call them in,
  4. pre-written, brilliant, uncopyrighted sermons and the bulletin liturgy that goes with them with just the right mix of traditional and contemporary,
  5. live eclectic music but at just the right volume to enjoy and yet you can still carry on a conversation.

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