Sunday, March 5, 2006

Sunday Summary - Including the Revgalblogpal Meme

- The Meme
Tell us four things you have made a practice at some time or other in your life. Feel free to interpret the word "practice" as widely and deeply as you like. Did you stick with it? Was it too much? Did it change you?

Then tell us one thing you might like to try that requires practice, attention or commitment. Think of it as a request for supportive thoughts and prayers, if that helps.

I do not have four things. I have always made a point of not giving up anything for Lent. However, this year as I sat in the Ash Wednesday service I contemplated what I should do. I decided to join Leslee at Fresh Cut Flowers and cut down on my home computer time. This means no blogging or reading blogs or checking my work email from home.

So far I have slipped twice. Once in the name of checking to see if the wireless was working again and once because... well I do not have a good reason for that one. Now the next discipline will be not coming up with excuses to come over to the office so I can 'lent-gitametly' check my email and favorite blogs.

The Redneck Dog
My dog loves to chase squirrels. Yesterday he caught one. It was already dead. I will leave it at that.

The Sermon
God is good and the Spirit truly took hold of today's sermon and transformed it into something good. I am so undeserving. Next week is another busy one and so I must commit NOW to not be writing on Saturday night.

Today is the grand opening of a Target right near us. It is embarrassing how giddy I am about this and me a 'non-shopper'. I have a list. I am willing to battle the crowds. I shall be at Target this afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Pink Shoes said...

Oh, do enjoy the new Target... Mmmm... Target.

Gord said...

THat discipline would never work for me as I do at least half of my work at home (which is a mere parking lot from the church). THis is especially true of the Internet stuff. BUt less time infront of a CRT (computer monitor or TV screen) would be a good thing.

Songbird said...

Hey, I've had to give up my husband for Lent. Don't tell me I need to give up my laptop, too!