Saturday, April 22, 2006


Phew... I feel better. Tomorrow we return home to central PA and I am ok with that. I guess that is the ultimate test for a good break, is it not? Can I return home now better than I was when I left? The answer from here is 'yes'. I could even say that I am ready to go. I have absolutely NO desire to be here when the real influx of tourists begins to file into this two-laned barrier island. What a great time though - I think I covered all the bases: STUDY - Read a couple of books, planned out sermons through December (NOT the details, just the texts), organized a couple of Sunday School classes I had taught so that if need be I could do it again, completed a few small projects that were constantly in my 'to do' drawer. FAMILY - Walks, trip to the lighthouse and a park, The Boy in a swing at the playground, 'chases' around the upstairs of the spacious house we are in, actually hanging out with TDH and not just bumping into him in the hallways a couple of times a day. EATS - Carolina BBQ, seafood, coffee and real bagels (they just do not have those where I live in PA), STEAK on the grill. We drive home on a Sunday which for me is always a weird thing. I encourage others to go to church when they are away and yet a Sunday off feels soooooo good - even if I will be driving through most of it. Have a great Sunday friends, whether you be in church or other. For now, I am out of here... have a good night and a blessed tomorrow. Currituck Sound

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