Saturday, April 15, 2006

Now Where Did She Go?

With the Sunday sermon ready and the new administrative assistant hired and the bags and bags and boxes (almost) packed and the grounds freshly mowed and the new nursery up and running and the 'to-do' box properly filled (it's a continuing education trip so I am bringing resources to write sermons and books to read and other projects)and the transition made from fall/winter clothes to spring/summer clothes and resting assured that tomorrow morning will arrive and by golly we WILL sing 'Christ the Lord is Risen today' WITH trumpet accompaniment and with the requisite double-dose of allergy medicine and shot glasses of Robitussin taken in order to survive the Easter lillies it is time for me to go... for now...until I shall post again which will either be as early as Monday afternoon or as late as a week from then depending on internet access. Congratulations Friends! You survived Holy Week! Now: Go. Take. A. Nap!!!

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