Monday, April 17, 2006

Packing Problems

I am so frustrated with myself I could just spit!

It is in the upper 50's and quite windy at our beachy destination and yet did I pack any sweatshirts... or jackets... or comfy sweatpants for me? NO! I have shorts, t-shirts, collared short sleeve shirts, and capri pants.

Why is this so frustrating you ask? Well, because:
a) I grew up by the beach and should know better. It is ALWAYS at least ten degrees cooler at the shore than what the weather man says ESPECIALLY in April, May & June.
b) I used to be a very good - ever efficient - packer.

The good news is that I did pack my child appropriately. I did this on our last trip to Atlanta and Florida after Christmas. My child has everything he needs but Mommy has just randomly packed items for herself that are only minimally helpful.

I mean capri pants? I am here to chill out and work on sermons and other projects for the coming year. Capri pants and collared shirts? Did I think the room we transformed into an office downstairs had a strict dress code: no sweatpants/shirts allowed?


I am now off to raid my husband's bag because there will be plenty of comfy, do-not-wear-out-in-public things in there.

And I guess I might have to go out and buy a tourist sweatshirt with something subtle on it like:

ADDENDUM: I am now wearing a big, green sweatshirt and socks (I did not pack those either) thanks to my husband who is not back from the grocery store yet to know that I have touched his stuff.

And to my friend who is lurking out there so badly wanting to comment: 'you should have written a list'.... I know, I know.

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apstraight said...

I WOULD comment about a list, but I am very busy making lists for our own trip tomorrow. I just finished the list of all of the addresses and phone numbers of the places we are going to (or might want to) stop on our way there (brewpubs,craft place, restaurants...). The grocery list is ready.

And no. I am not kidding. I really do have these lists.