Friday, April 7, 2006

Who scheduled THIS?!

I just realized that beginning this past Wednesday I will not be home at night through Good Friday.

I think I will pack for our post-Easter Outer Banks trip tomorrow just to keep my spirits up.

What incredibly silly, overwhelming things are you doing this Holy Week?


jo(e) said...

My kids and their friends have the week off so my house is overwhelmed with children and teenagers ....

Pink Shoes said...

While not silly, certainly a bit overwhelming to fly to another state with an 11-month old for a funeral and then back again to dive into Holy Week... and, well, here's where it gets really silly... I offered to preach at the funeral. What in the world WAS I thinking?

apstraight said...

I'm going to preach three times... it shouldn't be too bad...

The best part of my week will be having coffee with friends...

Truly, the worst day for me will be the day after Easter when I will attend a meeting at the Presbytery Office, teach three Bible studies, and wrap up everything in the office so I can be gone for the next five days...

Last year, I ended up making an emergency room visit due to dehydration two days after Easter (very sick and not taking time to eat or drink), so all I have to do is avoid that and it will be a better year this year!

Bad Alice said...

I have nothing overwhelming at all! Yet.

cheesehead said...

Attended a death yesterday--check.
Performed my first wedding last night--check.
Write Palm meditation this morning--check.
Meet once again with grieving family this afternoon--check.
Dinner guests tonight—check.
Crazy busy service tomorrow—check
Confirmation class tomorrow night—check.
Write memorial homily Monday morning—check.
Funeral home visitation Monday afternoon—check.
Work on memorial bulletin Tuesday morning—check.
Memorial service Tuesday afternoon—check.
Write Maundy Thursday homily Wednesday afternoon—check.
Session meeting Wed. night—EP in attendance—check.
Print Maundy Thursday bulletin Thursday morning—check.
Maundy Thursday Tenebrae—check.
Write Super Awesome Easter sermon on Friday (my day off)—check.
Spend Saturday getting the entire fam ready for vacation—check.
Super Awesome Easter service—check.
Throw glaring looks at anyone who asks why Mom didn’t make Easter dinner this year—check.
Order Chinese—check.
Get up early on Easter Monday to drive to airport in flat state—check.
Order Bloody Mary on plane—check.
Arrive at home of Mother-in –law.—check.

Did I win? Is there a prize?

will smama said...

Cheesehead - you win.

I am wondering what kind of EP would agree to attend a Holy Week Session meeting rather than gently nudging the pastor to maybe change the date.

I hope your mother-in-law's home is a place you can shamelessly sleep and that your great reward for all of this is not contracting diptheria and a touch of leprosy.

Hang in there!

cheesehead said...

I have to take the lumps on the Holy Week Session meeting. He suggested changing, I demured.

Yeah, I'm stupid that way.

BTW, I'm not actually staying at MIL's house. She and her hubby smoke about four packs a day between them, so I refuse to expose myself and my loved ones to that. We are staying at a lovely beach-front hotel, but our reverie will be occasionally interrupted by early-bird dinners, and forced boat rides on the inter-coastal waterway. I can cowgirl up for that.

will smama said...

beach front hotel - good.
dinner (who cares if its early) - good.
Boat rides with some sun and fresh air - good

Being an airplane ride away from St. Stoic... priceless.

Songbird said...

I've made appointments to visit all the homebound members of my congregation who haven't been seen recently. Meanwhile, the matriarch and the patriarch of two different church families (not people on that first list) have gone into the hospital and they and their families need a fair amount of attention. And the above doesn't count the nursing home residents who I'm feeling guilty about and must go and see, three of whom are scattered in surrounding towns.
Meanwhile, my husband is still away and due home on Friday, yes, Good Friday, the night I am both (1) due to be at the Soup Kitchen and (2) on call at the hospital. Nice timing, huh? Plus the usual array of services for which to prepare and make sure the bulletins are done: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise, Easter Sunday. I don't have an admin person/secretary, but on the bright side, I also don't have one who just quit.
Other happy events include dinner with the Guild and their Easter Bonnet parade, and a denominational meeting. We're also squeezing in a dentist appointment and a haircut.
Oh, and I'll have to miss the Academic Fair and Art Show at my daughter's school because it's...wait for it...Maundy Thursday, during the church service.

will smama said...

Oooh, brilliant - we have another winner. I am realizing the silver lining to the community Holy Week services is that NONE of them are at my church therefore no bulletins, etc...

Bottom line to all - Stay. Healthy.

St. Casserole said...

We have painters arriving Monday morning to paint LD's room. The plumber is expected,too. Then the electrician is 'sposed to show up.

Bad Alice said...

Reading these comments I can tell why God hasn't called me to ministry--He knows my innate laziness.

see-through faith said...

ouch. you mean not at night (or not in the evening?) sounds like a crazy schedule in any case. Hope you can rest the next week at least.

Cheesehead the bloody mary on the plane sounds very much needed.

Songbird ouch too.

And I thought I was busy busy busy. Nothing like this though and for that I'm grateful. I'm whacked after seminary, emotionally rung out because of church politics and tired of the dismal grey weather.

oh and I have 6 weeks to write my course paper (short thesis) six weeks (while I also have to grade papers and write school reports too)

Songbird said...

St. Casserole, you don't really think they will all show up on schedule, do you?