Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yet Another Boring Post for You

5 services down, 3 to go.

Tonight I am reading Scripture at the very beginning of the community Maundy Thursday service taking place at the Lutheran church down the road. I am already thinking about slowly but surely making my way to the back... and then out the door to freedom.

It will depend on how many of my folks are there. Last night our choir sang and I preached at another church. Besides us there were only two other people from our church... and one was a choir member's spouse.

That is how irrelevant these services are to my congregation.
None of the pastors from the other churches were there either.

The silver lining is that none of these services were/are at our church this year so no bulletins, major organization is needed by me.

Friday I am home with The Boy all day as TDH takes the youth on a Mission Day. I did schedule a meeting at my home during his nap time. Anybody want to place bets on whether he actually goes down according to Mommy's schedule?

Saturday morning I interview three candidates for Administrative Assistant. Saturday afternoon I pack.

The goal is to leave here by 2pm on Sunday.

It shall be so.


Songbird said...

Some of the very few people I thought might attend my Good Friday service have had a death in the family. Our service is at noon. The funeral (at a church 25 minutes away) is at 1. I'm disappointed, but I'm also sorry for my colleague (one of my preaching group pals) who has this funeral for a non-churchgoer at 1 p.m. on Good Friday.
I like your plan for slipping out the door.

juniper68 said...

I second that - good idea to slip away. (If it was me, I would trip over something and make a loud noise at the door, but YOU would never do that, I bet...)

will smama said...

I didn't trip. In fact I even put my keys out in the narthex ahead of time so that I wouldn't jingle out the door.

Two of my parishioners were at that service. This year ends my participation in them.

see-through faith said...

ecumenical IS important for we are one body - Christ's body

that doesn't mean you cannot slip away - and I wish you a great break after Easter.

Pink Shoes said...

I really love the image of you slipping quietly away through the back door... there's something really fabulous about that.

In my experience, ecumenical services are well attended by the people whose church it's being held at, but rarely by those whose churches are participating in the grand productions. Sad but true.

Preacher Mom said...

We do Holy Week services in conjuntion with two other churches in town. There was good representation from my congregation at the Maundy Thursday service. Then again, it was at our church. At today's Good Friday service at noon at a sister church, I was the only one from my church present. I share the same frustrations. (P.S. Obviously I'm joining the conversation a little late. Sorry!)