Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Brief and Random

Happy Tuesday! It was a long and busy weekend (Monday is my day off) and our home internet connection is suspect therefore no posts. However, I did have a few things I wanted to mention:

Yesterday began this year's church softball season. We lost, but had fun. At some point I will write a post about my relationship to softball and really all things competitive and you will then recognize how profound that second sentence (in bold) is.

In my mind I am working on an article to submit to somewhere that is entitled: The Theological Ramifications of Church League Softball (Division 3)

We have a new Administrative Assistant who is and is going to be GREAT. Kinks are still being ironed out of the system from the debacle that is the last two years in our office so when I walked in on Friday afternoon there were almost 100 extra newsletters printed out. What to do, what to do... I felt like a member of the mafia who needs a guy to come in and help them get rid of a body! TDH came up with the brilliant plan to give the extras to our members and have them use them as a tool to invite people to church - either for worship or one of our plentiful May events. So we did! I did it at the end of the sermon... we are just so very clever over here.

After Jesus ate the fish in front of the disciples did his mother make him wait a full hour before ascending into heaven to avoid cramps?

I have seen a neurosis meme going around where you name six of them (only six). I always have problems with memes like these because I cannot think of all of them at one time, but I thought I would throw this one out for you: There is a very, very small part of me (.000000001%) that is suspicious that the people in the pictures we have around our home can see what we are doing... and might spill our secrets at any moment.


Leslee said...

Passing out the extra bulletins... what a great idea, I might bring that up at our next staff meeting and pretend like I made it up... just kidding!

peripateticpolarbear said...

I think the extra bulletins pass out is a great idea. And they can always be recycled.

Songbird said...

I love your question about Jesus and his mother.

will smama said...

PPB - Sure, they could be recycled. But I couldn't help but look at almost 100 newsletters (8 pages each) in the recycle bin and feel dirty for even that amount of waste. I realize some folks (most?) will pitch/recycle at home, but just maybe a few will follow up on their appointed task.

Songbird, my friend and I were just laughing at ourselves for how long we spent on that punchline in our sermons as compared to the rest of the material we were presenting.

Both of us got a big laugh by the way ;)