Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Edit the Job Desciption!

More on Memorial Day soon but until then...

As if plumber, secretary, and janitor were not enough additions to the ol' job description I had this conversation on the phone today:

ME: Hello, will smama's presbyterian church.
HER: Do you know anything about the house down the road?
ME: (stunned silence)
HER: It is down on the end of the road, number 28 or something.
ME: Ummm, what?
HER: There is a house down there and I walked up to it and it didn't look like anyone was living in it. I am interested in it. Do you know anything about it?
ME: Oh... um yeah, they have moved to Florida but I don't know if it is for sale.
HER: Well I saw a bird, like a parrot outside and the outside light is on now so someone must be around right?
ME: (I am now wondering if it is my new Administrative Assistant on her cellphone and she forgot to tell me her name when she called so this keeps me from saying anything snide... pity) All I can tell you is that last I heard they moved to Florida, but the property has never been for sale.
HER: Well, can I give you my name and number so you can call me if you hear anything.
ME: Um, sure wait while I get a pen (don't move, wait 3 seconds) Okay, go ahead.
HER: Shirley Bug-a-Boo (NOT my AA' s name), 555-1234. Give me a call if you hear anything about it and I'll keep checking.
ME: Okay... you know this is a church right?
HER: Well, you're supposed to serve the people aren't you?
ME: Sure. Okay. Bye.

If it sells, do I get a commission?


RuthRE said...


Songbird said...

That is exceedingly odd.

Lorna said...

your life is SO interesting :)

juniper68 said...

you get the MOST interesting phone calls!

Quotidian Grace said...

You really need to keep a log of these calls and then publish a book someday. Too bizarre!

Pink Shoes said...

I can just imagine the woman saying to someone, "I think I'll just call the church and see what they know." Because she clearly doesn't realize that we are the. last. people. to know anything... often even about our own folks. Geez.

cheesehead said...

I got a call once from a woman who wanted to buy our building. She asked me,"Is your church doing well, or do you thnk it's dying out any time soon?"

Seriously. I cannot make this shit up.

will smama said...

Cheesehead: to funny. I just was so stunned that this woman seemed to think I owed her this information even getting a bit testy that I was not answering her as quickly as she thought I should.

peripateticpolarbear said...

Ooh. You just reminded me of a ridiculous conversation I once had----while living in your neck of the woods, actually. I'm making this one a meme.

Friday Mom said...