Friday, May 5, 2006

Memories Writing Checks the Body Cannot Cash

Okay, so I promised a post that you could "sink your teeth into" and okay, this one is probably not it. I am working on some thoughts regarding the place of Memorial Day celebrations in worship and as they say on The Dan Patrick Show, I am still "efforting" that one. So in the meantime...

So... our first softball game was last Monday night and it was good to get back out there. We are a co-ed team in a league that does not make such things mandatory so "us womens, we gots a chip on our shoulders..." okay maybe only I have a chip on my shoulder. I have been into sports for a long time. I have played softball for a long time. I have a decent array of eroding athletic skills. Speed is not one of them. I am slow. I know I am slow and I have gone through all twelve steps in order to hold myself accountable to how slow I am. "Hello my name is will smama... and I am slow." It is not like back in the day I was fast... no, I have always been slooooow. I have also always been fiercely competitive. So when speedy, snooty, young gun hit a sky high pop up in between the infield and the outfield did I even for a moment consider letting it drop? Say it with me slowly, "Nnnnnnnooooooo." I ran. I ran hard. I ran fa... well, I ran. And then..... I dove. Incredibly and in a display of the ultimate insult, I OVER. RAN! THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I overdove the ball?) It hit (smashed) me on the wrist, rolled a good twenty feet behind me and speedy, snooty, young gun ended up on third. My wrist now looks like this (actually right now it looks even blacker and bluer but there are only so many pictures one is allowed to take of one's wrist without garnering suspicious looks from the spouse). I think I see the silhouette of the Virgin Mary in that bruise. You think I could take a Polaroid and sell it on ebay?

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