Sunday, May 14, 2006

THIS is why there is a special day...

Today a woman in my congregation delivered a baby girl. Her husband called and left a message that included the gender, weight (6'12") the height (19") the time (4:04pm) and that "everyone is doing great."

No name.

I guess I will have to call later to find out that information.

Reminds me of when TDH came to church on the Sunday morning after The Boy entered the world. He made the announcement and some other church announcements at Sunday School Assembly - thinking he did a pretty good job of playing it cool - only to be told that his shirt was buttoned wrong.

He fixed it. He went through Sunday School and then stood in front of the congregation at the beginning of worship and made his big announcement and some other church announcements only to look down in the middle of them and see that he must have rebuttoned his shirt wrong because it was still buttoned incorrectly.

In our worship archives we now have a tape that has my husband including in his announcements, "There is something wrong with my shirt."


Songbird said...

That's a very sweet story.

Leslee said...

That is a pretty cool story!

RuthRE said...

hee hee :)

Lorna said...


in Finland he name isn't usually announced until the baptism (if infact baptism of course!) and then usually written and handed to the priest

a bit like John's name being written on the slate I guess

see-through faith said...

erm THE name :)

excuse the inadvertant gender bias (snigger)