Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Coolness Meme

I have been tagged by purechristianithink to give you the five reasons I think I am cool.

1) Sometimes I trace the outline of my left hand and where my ring finger should be I write in "wish you were here" and then send them to my nieces and nephews.

2) In a softball league where the majority of teams have no women playing and those that do have only one woman playing I am batting 12 for 16.

3) I am married to a man that insists on playing all of the women who show up to play on his team (sometimes up to five on the field at a time). On Monday we beat a team with no women... badly (23-9).

4) I hang with people whose names make it sound like we are in a slightly feminized motorcycle gang and can say stuff at the local bar like: "Yo Songbird, bring me and reverend mother a be-ah before we give this fundamentalist a verbal Bible thumpin'."

5) Have you seen my son? Seriously... the little man is CUTE! Tag Thyself. The less cool you think you are, the MORE you should do this meme!

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