Monday, July 17, 2006

GRRRR: The Short Version

I am frustrated and angry? Why?

Because someone requested I be at an important township meeting and they manipulated my "I'll have to check" into a "sure, I'll be there." I found out my answer became the latter after a few emails from clergy came thanking me for agreeing to go and be 'the voice' of the clergy. Apparantly the other voices are on vacation.

I am frustrated because:
1) It is an important issue but I do not know all of the facts.
b) If I back out I look like the schmuck, not her
and also) It is too ass-hot here to go argue at a township meeting.

Believe me, this woman and I will be having a little talk very. soon.

Even More Annoyed Update (courtesy lesson included):
I think it is appropriate that when you have manipulated someone to attend a meeting because you are supposedly going away on vacation that if you then postpone that vacation so that you can be at the meeting you should then let the person know who is being forced to attend to cover for you.

I'm just saying.


Songbird said...

Wow, that is really, really irritating! What is the matter with people? Don't they understand words?
(Do not be maneuvered into any meetings next Monday, okay?)

Emerald Palace said...

Oooooh... Now tell the rest of the story.

Warning! Serious RANT ahead!

will smama said...

I think I have kept it fairly short and simple. I came home and watched Sesame Street with The Boy on my lap. this will do wonders to put the world in perspective.

Songbird, there is no way. I think that is what makes this particularly annoying. I am really not easy to take advantage of.

Also note that when I left I wished her good luck and told her that we needed to talk. Also note that if she had called me to say that she decided to stay in town but could still use my presence - no problem.

It's the 'my cause is more important than your life' vibe that irks me.

Songbird said...

Brother. I can't wait to hear what the issue was.

Lorna said...


hugs and a virtual bottle of wine on their way ...

Emerald Palace said...

I think that you are being very polite and kind....

Quotidian Grace said...

Sounds to me like it's time for a "Come to Jesus" meeting with this gal (as we say down here).