Monday, July 24, 2006

Is this really happening?

Songbird is only a few hours away.

When she first contacted me about a visit I warned her that the gist of me she may have gotten from my blog is pretty close to reality. I am not good around the house and would not exactly be Martha Stewart's first choice for Hostess of the Year.... or even her 1500th... okay millionth. However, since I warned her that there would be no 'girly' things here like homemade ginger iced tea or crepes this is what I have done:

Grocery shopping
Pedicure (I would have done this with her but I only had childcare available this morning and I did NOT want to be known as the revgalblogpal with the nasty feet)
Made the bed, laid out towels
Baked a cake (sh, don't tell her; it's a surprise)
Cleaned up toys and vaaccuummeed (I never know which letters are doubled in that word so I just double them all)
Cleaned the bathrooms
Cleaned the kitchen (twice)
Prepared appetizers
Chilled the wine


The only thing keeping me from totally having my tomboy card revoked is that I
a) used the above phrase, albeit abbreviated so as not to offend.
b) have a softball game and WILL NOT EVEN BE HERE WHEN SHE ARRIVES!

You heard that right... I AM the worst hostess this side of the Pacific. "Hey, thanks for driving 9 hours to see me specifically... but I gotta go." My sister and my Mom and my son and my dog will all be here to greet her and I am leaving them with the previously mentioned appetizers, cake and wine so I think they will be just fine, but still.

No Martha Stewart award for me.


Kathryn said...

Oh HELP!!!! Now I'm going to have to aspire to domestic goddess status too...and there's even less chance, truly.
Have a wonderful time together...hugs from here :-)

apstraight said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. I am most impressed. I wish I had gotten all of that done today...

Have a great time!

Preacher Mom said...

I'm jealous - of both the clean house (you Martha Stewart, you!) and the wonderful time you will have with Songbird. Have a blast girls!

will smama said...

Um, I may have over-emphasized the clean house. It was presentable and not too cluttered but certainly not spotless.

And we lost the game. D'oh!

Songbird said...

Don't listen to her. The house looks lovely. The boy is adorable. The company is marvelous! And the dog already loves me.

will smama said...

Don't listen to her. She was drunk.

see-through faith said...

laughing ... hope they didnt' trash the kitchen in your absence :)