Friday, July 21, 2006

Revgalblogpal Friday Five: ANNIVERSARY EDITION!!!!

WE ARE ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!! Directly from the website:

Can you believe it has been a whole year?!?!!Last summer, in the midst of a hurricane threat to a clergywoman blogger somewhere on the Gulf Coast, a dozen or so bloggers began to realize they had become a community. That clergywoman suggested we needed a t-shirt, and in a thread that grew to more than 100 comments the RevGalBlogPals were born.

St. Casserole posed the question on July 19, and by July 21 we had refined the suggested name to connote inclusivity, opened a Cafe Press store and started a WebRing and blog page (kudos to reverend mommy.)

From the beginning our numbers included clergywomen, other women engaged in churchwork as both Christian Ed professionals and devoted volunteers, seminarians and women discerning vocations to Protestant ministry and Catholic sisterhood. We are happy to include several men among our BlogPals, too. For some of us faith is the primary focus of our blogging, while for others it is the quiet underpinning of all we do and blog. We are preachers, mothers, poets, fathers, dog-lovers, cat-bloggers, married and single. We live in the US, Canada, the U.K., Finland and Australia.

I think we could all agree that Hurricane Katrina galvanized this community. Our collective concern for St. Casserole and her family made checking in at this blog a more frequent occurence, and guided our decision to donate profits from a writing effort to Hurricane Relief. Reverend mommy suggested the book project and with help from many others we have now self-published two books,
A Light Blazes and Ordinary Time.

On a lighter note, we have achieved some modest sales at our
Cafe Press Store. There are some 80 pieces of "pulpit" merchandise out there floating around! After a discussion on the blog, we agreed to raise the prices of each item in order to generate mission money, and we designated Heifer Project as the destination. To this date we have given about $80 to Heifer, for beehives and most recently two gaggles of geese!
Thank you to
reverend mother for continuing to work on this project.

A council meeting of RevGals took place at the Festival of Homiletics in May, and so did a happy meeting between Rev Gals old and new; read about it

Many people wonder, when will there be a RevGalBlogPal gathering? In hopes of making such an event possible, your Matriarchs have engaged in applying for incorporation, the first step in becoming a 501(c)3 group able to receive grant money. Great thanks are due to
Quotidian Grace for her efforts in this area. Look for further announcements here when there is official news.

And now the Five:
1) What is your first memory of the RevGalBlogPals?
Becoming a blogger and becoming a revgalblogpal are all wrapped into one. I read Real Live Preacher and wanted to log in. It asked me for my blog name... guess I'd better make one of those! Next thing I know Reverend Mommy is inviting me into the ring and I am on board! Officially I am #44 on the list and I love the fact that I joined the same day as Pink Shoes in the Pulpit because our boys are about the same age. My first revgalblogpal commenters were Songbird and purechristianithink.

2) Have you met any of the other ring members in real life?
In a word: no. But ask me again on Monday because Songbird is coming to town! I came close to meeting Reverend Mommy but the stomach flu (my belly, not hers) got in my way.

3) Of those you haven't met, name a few you would love to know in person.
Please. There is no way I could possibly do this justice. I will say that I am close enough to reverend mother to have considered a road trip her way and I was trying to figure out when we could vacation near Songbird's way when she got to me first.

Truly, it would be a blast to meet any of these folks that I have such a fun connection with.

4) What has Ring Membership added to your life?
The finest procrastination tool around! Why? Because I can get away with it since I am at the computer and I can justify it as research since folks occasionally do post on denominational issues, religion, culture and Scripture.

Also, I am an extrovert in an introverted setting so while I am working on something I can pop around the webring and it is liking hearing the buzz of other people around me - keeps me energized.

The ring also holds me accountable to posting myself since that has been a good exercise for me and like most exercise I would probably have dropped it by now if I did not know there are some folks who check in on me once in awhile.

5) Describe a hope for the future of the WebRing.
I would like this party to actually happen! Really, I love the direction we have been going in. A potential retreat, writing projects, mission ideas. It is all good.

Truly I have been blessed.


Songbird said...

Heehee! I had never read that one all the way to the end. You throw a good party, will smama, a good party.
(I'll be there in three days. Yay! Yay! Yay!)

SingingOwl said...

You two have a wonderful time. When we do have that party, WM gets to do a comedy routine. :-D

Psalmist said...

Oh, rats! I joined a month too late for that FUN party! Good thing there's still a chance for the real thing. And you HAVE to be there, because I've just GOT to hear you do your dog (sermon) walking line live and in person!

Gord said...

I really did miss one heck of a party didn't I? BUt then I was sort of vusy that week :-)

Lorna said...

yes you do throw a great party will smama (I dimly remember ... oh my head!) and can't wait to meet face to face someday...may it be sooner rather than later!

hugs :)

reverendmother said...

Oh my gosh, Singing Owl made me realize we simply MUST include talent night during our retreat.

I'm not sure exactly where you are, WS, but I'll meet you halfway...