Friday, July 14, 2006

RevGalBlogPal Friday Five: Pet Peeves Edition

I'm wondering about your pet peeves. Here's your chance to vent, gripe, and grumble to your heart's content. Go ahead, it's therapeutic.

1. Grammatical pet peeve
Thank you for asking this so I can finally vent - and YES, I know this is not technically grammatical BUT - I HATE it in a song when a word that ends in 't' is followed by a word that begins with 'y' and ends up sounding like 'chew' because the singer may be hot and beautiful but they did not take voice lessons... or maybe diction lessons.

It particularly makes my skin crawl during a ballad because the words are then sung slower which gives the singer ample time to jump up and down on my last nerve.

You want me to "say that you love me" not "say thachew love me."

2. Household pet peeve
Dishes in the sink. My dishes in the sink issue is mainly an extreme reaction to my pre-married, pre-dishwasher life where my dishes would sit in the sink for eons. One roommate said she decided not to disturb them because she thought maybe I was conducting a science experiment. Oops.

So like a lot of folks who used to have a problem I have now totally gone the other direction. We have a dishwasher and you don't have to rinse the plates first. Why put them in the sink? Go directly to the dishwasher.

3. Arts & Entertainment pet peeve (movie theaters, restaurants, concerts)
Theaters that do not have the sound on loud enough and people who have their kids in a movie that they most likely KNEW wouldn't hold their attention and now I have to suffer. I realize this makes me sound like I am 20 years older than I am and that I don't have a child of my own so let me 'splain.

This is 99% of the time NOT the child's fault. And I get a little less peeved if it is a matinee, but only a little. I don't care if the movie is Cars, if your three year old doesn't sit still through a movie at home, he sure as heck isn't going to do it at the theater. And if it is at night, where I have just paid $10 for a ticket and your kid is running up and down the aisles I actually can feel his/her tiny little footsteps running up and down the back of my neck. No, they are not cute. Yes, you need to leave. Hold on, I'll get the door.

4. Liturgical pet peeve
Ministers who have to read out of the book the Words of Institution for Communion and liturgists (both clergy and lay) who read the Bible in monotone: "Rejoice for he has risen.... He has risen indeed..." Really? Because I think your lack of enthusiasm just sent him back into the tomb.

5. Wild card--pet peeve that doesn't fit any of the above categories
Cell phones. We all need to take a cell phone etiquette class. Yes, even you and yes even me.

Bonus: Because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God: What do YOU do that others might consider a pet peeve?
Well, the thing that bothers me about me is that I often pronounce 'for' as 'fer'. The thing that bothers TDH is that I constantly correct myself as I speak because I am trying to get in the habit of saying it right. I am also trying to get the 'you know' out of my language pattern which I insert instead of 'um' and 'like'.

Oh yes, also I am sure it gets annoying that I often supply my own laugh track. Is it my fault I think I am so funny? Someone has to, right?

I am sure the list goes on from there but I am going to play the grace card...


Sue said...

Great list!

reverendmother said...

Yes on the liturgical pet peeves

Songbird said...

Our number three is the same, will smama. We were considerate when our kids were little. I want the rest of the world to return the favor.

St. Inuksuk said...

I agree about the cell phones - especially when you're in a restaurant and someone's yakking way too loud on their cell. Do we really want to hear your conversation?

Marie said...

Yes, yes, yes! Especially about the "adorable" children. In ANY public place. And I can just HEAR your reader sending Jesus right back to his tomb.

Cathy said...

Oh yes, on the liturgical pet peeve - I have several others, but don't want to sound like I am the liturgy police!


You want me to "say that you love me" not "say thachew love me."

Vocalists deal with this alot - it gets easier with time as we learn not to "chew" our words - and sometimes we get better when we speak it too!

see-through faith said...

love it -and love you :)