Saturday, August 19, 2006

Calling Their Bluff

At my review the other night it was mentioned to me that they thought if I came - and stayed for the entirety - of all church events and did visits, most folks wouldn't care if I ran out of time in the week because of those things and had no sermon on Sunday.

I just might have to call them on that.

Today the woman I mentioned in the post below finally left this earthly kingdom; a week after we had all been called in the first time.

What an honor it is to stand with a family in a raw time such as this.

And since some of us have been involved in a certain theme the last couple of days I got the call and drove to the nursing home directly from my parents where I was helping remove wallpaper border. I was wearing sneakers with dirt and paint, blue gym shorts, a new maroon Zoot's Food & Scoops t-shirt that the youth group got me on their last mission trip, and a dirty, sweat-stained baseball cap. My "perfume" was the sublte mix of wallpaper paste, wallpaper paste remover, and eau de b.o. I wore no earrings.

Just thought you should know.


Listing Straight said...

You were beautifully attired because you were there for all of the right reasons.

cheesehead said...

You can come tend to my family dressed like that anytime!

Erm...not that I'm dying anytime soon or anything...I don't think I've made those kind of enemies.

peripateticpolarbear said...

I think the hat counts as an accessory.
I hope if you ever pull the no sermon stunt, you note in the bulletin that it's at the suggestion of the personnel committee.

Songbird said...

I wish you would call them on it, but judging from your comments elsewhere, it won't happen this time. But I wish you would chart out this past week's hours and show it to them, including being at the office until late in the night and back there again early this morning. It might give them some needed insight.

will smama said...

Oh yes, Songbird, I chart. I used to think handing something in as part of my Sesson report was bragging but I have learned that it is essential. Folks just don't know what we do. They can't. A lot of it we are on our own and a lot of folks don't have that kind of "freedom."

A word to newbies: even if they say that isn't necessary. Keep track. Have it on hand... because you most likely will need it.

Deep breathes, rm, deep breathes.

reverendmother said...

I too am dubious that the personnel committtee would really be OK with this. Seems like you'd have people second guessing your *leisure* time in that instance: "OK there were a lot of church things this week--shouldn't she have worked on her sermon instead of taking Friday night off with her husband?" and such.

However, my mom was just telling me about "Q&A Day" which her pastor does from time to time. People write down questions about anything--Bible, church programs/mission--and the pastor addresses them from the pulpit.

It would take a special kind of person to be able to do this! The thought rather terrifies me, even though I play "Stump the Pastor" with the 6th grade Bible study all the time and kids often ask the most difficult questions. But it's not in front of the whole church!

will smama said...

Good idea, RM. I would have to have the questions ahead of time though. I had a busy week and no hubby the week of July 3rd and did a hymn sing. Only one complaint.

Today went well. Thank you Holy Spirit. Now to feed the in-laws, shove them out the door and take a nap!

revabi said...

"it was mentioned to me that they thought if I came - and stayed for the entirety - of all church events and did visits, most folks wouldn't care if I ran out of time in the week because of those things and had no sermon on Sunday." Um are they really in touch with and representing the people of the church or is this their idea? I do think it does have to do with your day off. Be sure the church and the rest of the leaders, and who ever is above you know this, have it signed sealed and notarized. Then call their hand on it. Yeah documenting does help alot. Although I have never had to produce something like that yet.
Praying for you my friend.

will smama said...

You lost me in the middle of that paragraph revabi, but be assurred that I have no intention of calling them on it. I believe it was just rhetoric to get their point across.

I am also strong enough in myself and the pastor I know I am to not do everything they recommend. If it comes up again in my next review, so be it - my family and being true to my vocation come first.

zorra said...

If you dropped everything and rushed to my family at a time of crisis, dressed just like that, I would feel so grateful and honored, and I would never forget it. I'm choking up a little just imagining it.

And fortunately, I do have a pastor who would do that.

the reverend mommy said...

You sounded as if you were dressed exactly right. I think I would resent a pastor that strolled in an hour later than expected dressed to the nines. In fact, I know I would.