Friday, August 4, 2006

MS Ride Final Wrap-Up

As you may recall, I promised one of my husband's famous wrap-ups to those of you who donated and prayed for us a couple of Saturdays ago when we rode in the National MS Society Bike-a-Thon. Here it is (with some obvious edits...)

Will Smama rode 55 miles that day on what was supposed to be a 50 mile ride. Her comments: "They should always err on the side of giving you too few miles rather than adding extra miles!" She was on the bike 4 hours and 45 minutes plus stops. This was quite amazing considering her longest training ride was two hours and 15 minutes. We rode together for the first 10 miles or so, and she was trying to "find her legs." I didn't know if she was going to make it. The course was hilly, and we just hadn't trained as much as last year. Somehow she "found her legs", got a "second wind" and struggled through - quite the accomplishment. Hurrah for will smama.

I rode the 75-mile loop that day - on the bike about 5 hours and 40 minutes, plus stops. I decided against the extra 25 mile loop that would bring me to the 100 mile "century ride" in one day. Part of this decision was made for me - supposedly I wasn't going to get on the 25 mile course before the time limit, but I did see others entering the 25-mile loop after the time limit. The ride was always humid but relatively cool for the first 3 hours or so. Eventually the sun came out, and then things heated up. It was a very scenic and hilly course. My most aching body part was my upper back by my neck - very annoying - especially when the sun started hitting it - made the ride un-fun after 45 miles or so.

Want to hear more excuses? Sure, why not...I had the mission trip the next day and still had packing, preparations, etc. to do. We gathered at 8 am Sunday to pack and leave. If I had attempted the last 25 miles, I would have definitely been the last one on the course - holding up volunteers at the rest stops - "Hey is that chubby rider coming along yet?" I would guess that if I had ridden the 100 miles, I would have been the rider doing it with the least amount of training. I also didn't hold up my family either by leaving after 75 miles. Can I blame it on The Boy? - Ha ha. It was his nap time - coming up on 2pm. Alright - enough excuses. I'll try it again - hopefully with a little less weight and a few more training miles.

Thanks for your encouraging words and for your support. Together we raised

On behalf of our friend, and all those with MS, thanks and God bless you.

TDH and Will Smama


Songbird said...

Good grief! You don't need to make excuses. Your efforts were awesome! Congratulations and blessings to both of you and all the riders that day!

Kathryn said...

That's a very impressive total...bravo both, we're proud of you!

Lorna said...

wonderful wonderful - :)