Friday, August 4, 2006

Revgalblogpal Friday Five: Broadway Edition

Alright, this is not my strongest category, but I want to keep my Friday Five streak alive and NotShyChiRev is one of my favorites so here we go... embarrassing admissions of moments out of my comfort zone included.

This week we have a treat: a guest Friday Five composed by NotShyChiRev. Enjoy!
1. Describe the last play or musical you saw. (At least provide the what, when, where, and why). What was your opinion of it?

Well, we'll start the embarrassment right off the bat as culture is unfortunately not a priority in our lives right now. I saw Grease at the local high school but the last professionally performed show I saw was Miss Saigon. I saw it on Broadway so yes, it was amazing even though by the time I saw it everyone knew an actual helicopter was going to come down onto the stage.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary TDH and I are going into the BIG city overnight with hopes of seeing The Daily Show and a Broadway show. I would like to see Spamalot but child of the 70's he is I think he would enjoy Mamma Mia! better... and I still owe him for dragging us both to see a very disappointing Cats. Ugh... sorry rev abi, but don't even get me started.

2. All time favorite play? Musical?

No play that I can think of; Fiddler on the Roof for sentimental reasons (although searching for this link I found out it is currently on Broadway with Harvey Fierstein and Rosie O'Donnell - that casting just might cure me of my sentimentality. With all due respect to Mr. Fierstein I think I will stick with my soundtrack with Topol as Tevya).

3. “The Producers,” “The Philadelphia Story,” “Hairspray,” “The Wedding Singer”…all were movies before they were musicals. What non-musical movie do you think should next get the musical treatment?

Love Actually or Notting Hill (Geez, I am just laying ALL my girly stuff out there today.)

4. Favorite song from a musical? Why?

Sunrise, Sunset and for personal reasons the majority of the songs from Annie although not Tomorrow for those same personal reasons.

Bonus question for singer/actors. Favorite part you’ve ever played/sung.

Alright, here it goes... my senior year of college the theater department was putting on The Pirates of Penzance. I LOVE this musical. As a kid I listened to it using a xylophone mallet as my sword (but wait, there's more humiliation to come).

I decided to try out, but really what are the parts in Pirates of Penzance? It is either pirates or maidens... and from what you know of me just from this blog, do you REALLY think I wanted to be a maiden? Sure there is Ruth, and I bravely tried out for Ruth too, but this singing on stage thing is more my sister's gig so I was terrified. Did you know you have to try out in front of other people... theater people... who get dead quiet - and stare - when someone they don't know walks out onto the stage?

Long story short... I came back to read the casting list and my name was not on it. Fair enough, I was a softball player not an actor. I was still pretty proud of myself for trying out. But when I returned to the dorm there was a message for me from the director. Someone had dropped out so that very night I had my first rehearsal... as a Pirate of Penzance.


cheesehead said...


Tee Hee!

hipchickmamma said...

i'm seeing a very balanced woman here! girly stuff and the ability to be a pirate too! very cool, i'm definately impressed!

NotShyChiRev said...

The Pirates had all the cool numbers anyway...:-)

And you are spared. Fiddler closed a couple of months ago. They say Harvey was great, but I just can't see Rosie in that role.

Mamma Mia is cute. If you want a "real" show (with new music), in addition to The Daily Show (so jealous) should try for Wicked or, if you are in a post-modern mode, Avenue Q.

Songbird said...

Oh, I love it! I bet you were a spectacular pirate!
And thanks for playing this Friday Five. See, you did have a story to tell.

peripateticpolarbear said...

The last musical I saw was Miss Saigon as well.

revabi said...

I with hipchickmamma, a balanced woman. Arrrgh me mateys. Just think how that helps you deal with the church.

My kids are running around pretending they are pirates these days. McDonald's has toys from the pirates of the caribbean movie. Anything is a sword. It is not safe here...I just had to walk the plank.

Ooh what fun too, a drive into the city,....with TDH.

Hey I would like to hear your cat's disappointment. Its okay. No offense taken.

will smama said...

I grew up in the tri-state area which meant that local television channels featured many advertisements for Broadway shows. Considering the run of Cats that means that I saw a LOT of those especially (I also remember a lot for Evita).

When I came back to the area for seminary, Cats was closing and I determined that as probably the only one from the area who had not seen it yet, we really should.

We did and HATED it. Yes, I knew the music (sang it in high school choir) Yes, I knew it was based on T.S. Eliot and not really a story line per se.

I think what really happened is that there was no magic because I had heard about it and the music and the cat descending from the ceiling singing a tune that Barry Manilow sings on the radio for SO LONG that there was nothing left.

TDH hated it because he wanted them to act more like Cats... not sure if he wanted them to fight or hiss... we just don't go there.

SingingOwl said...

I didn't do the five this week, but I concur with your Fiddler on the Roof assesment. I LOVE everything about it.

Rosie O'Donnell? Good golly miss molly. That is one of the worst cases of casting I can think of!

Goes off to work on sermon, humming "Surise, Sunset"--

Girl said...

Of most favorite musical moment ever was when James Van Der Beek (from Dawson's Creek) hosted Saturday Night Live and they did a skit where he was a new performer in the 12,032nd performance of Cats. All the other cats were completely over it, the stage manager was reading a book and James Van Der Beek just kept batting his eyelashes at the camera and excitedly pointing out his parents in the audience. It really was the best musical moment I can remember.