Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Review

It went well. Compared to 'skewerings' in the past it was heavenly. There is new leadership on personnel and a new approach to things that was much more constructive and filled with dialogue. Still no word yet on salary increase... I think we should have discussed that, but the system can't be perfect from the get-go.

We laid out a couple of goals revolving around well visits and being available through the duration of all church events. I am chewing on those goals and slowly coming to grips with them. I might compromise on the latter and be around for the majority of the event and if that is negatively reflected in my reviews next year so be it.

You see when we have a fundraiser supper at our church it goes for six hours. And I have a deep aversion to small talk for the sake of small talk especially with octogenarians who already go to other churches and especially for six hours... I mean, what is the point? (Please don't answer that in the comments, I know what the points are - I am just whining here so I can be a grown up 'out there').

Anyway, all that said it was the best personnel meeting I have had here in five years. Interesting since all of the others included a meal out.

Have a good day all and thanks for thinking about me.

Now that's more like it!


Girl said...


Teri said...

umm, you have a family. That means that you can't just stay out until 10 or 11 whenever they want.

just saying.

if you show up, do your thing, are supportive, offer the prayer, etc, then in my book you're good. :-)

Preacher Mom said...

So what was their take on "well visits"? I suck at visitation and know that is something that some of my older folks frown upon.

peripateticpolarbear said...

Is that puppy cuteness yours?

will smama said...

No, nothing pictured is mine including what is both above and underneath the stool in the previous post.

Well visits - hate 'em. I feel like an intruder, unwanted at that. Memo to me: suck. it. up.

Especially with the older folks... they just want to talk to you and be able to tell their friends that the pastor was there.

More on this in another post... gotta go moderate Session.

RuthRE said...

yay puppy :)

see-through faith said...

hugs and want to join that puppy on the sofa so tired!

Sue Densmore said...

OK -

Don't you all think we have a weird definition of pastor in our culture? Maybe there is someone gifted in your congregation who could do well visits. Shouldn't ministry proceed from spiritual gifts? To expect the pastor to do all the visitation and all the events in their entirety and, and, and, does not seem to leave much time for the real pastor work of equipping the saints to do the work of ministry.

Or maybe they just want someone else to do their work for them - the pastor is the hired gun to do all ministry so we don't actually have to do anything for God at all...

Oops. Got a little cynical there, huh?

I just think we expect our pastors to wipe our noses and then we don't want to pay them what they're worth.

Oops again - was that out loud?

Anyway, hang in there. I so appreciate pastors and how much they do for the Kingdom!!


RuthRE said...

It's true though Sue, it's true.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

No one is likely to admit it but lots of old folks want well visits to make sure the preacher has something to say about them at their funeral. They see it as "bonus kingdom points" that the preacher knows them well enough to have personal stories to tell not just stories told by the kids and grandkids.

Not that any of that gets me out the door ...

revabi said...

I am so glad it went well.
I have had the same requests from a previous church I served.
i don't like staying around the whole event either. I come and go, and I do my part to help clean up, or set up. I also try to say hello to every one there. But I don't stay.
But alot of churches want their own chaplain.

will smama said...

Vicar, that is very insightful. Thank you.

Sue, we do have deacons and others who visit and do other things. I fully believe in the priesthood of all believers.

You have a lot of good points but I think for these folks it really is that they want to show me off. When someone comes to our bluegrass concerts (on my front lawn by the way) and asks them, "Where is that young pastor of yours?" They want to be able to point me out.

It is a rural thing - a country thing. Believe me, these folks do WAY more than I do around here and at these events. They just want me to stand around and look pastory.

Thanks all, you're great!