Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Evening Stuff

Home from the church retreat. For the first time we stayed overnight both nights. Some thoughts:

--- It seems like it took us longer to get all packed up and going than the retreat actually lasted.

--- Lasting Memories include The Boy's first toad sighting, his first campfire, and during a rough first night I laid him on my chest in bed with me - something I haven't done since he moved into a crib - and at one point we both roused a little bit and he looked up at me, smiled and said, "Hi" as soft as could be. I will NEVER forget it.

--- On a different note I will also never forget the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I realized Mr. Grumpy was staying for worship and all I had for sermon time was a passage from Ephesians, an equipment bag filled with catcher's gear and a vague idea about how I thought they would fit together.

--- I try not to put too much focus on those who refuse to come out to join us for this thing and instead focus on those that do but that is not always easy. As I stated here over a year ago: the retreat site is about 20 minutes away, it is not overscheduled yet there is plenty to do if you choose, folks are invited to come up for the entire weekend, just for a day or even part of a day.

--- That's enough for now.


Songbird said...

That retreat space sounds so nice. Wish we could do something like that, no matter how many bothered to show.
How was the sermon?

pPB said...

I want to hear about the catcher's mitt sermon.