Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Well, so much for my aspirations of being a top-notch spy. Apparantly the license plate number I gave the trooper was incorrect. So the woman who hit me is officially off the hook.

If only we had watched the Bourne movies just one night sooner.


Songbird said...

will smama, can't they check the components of the license plate against cars that match the description? Or is that just on TV?

will smama said...

Unfortunately that is just on tv... or if there were serious injury so I am told.

I am unleashing TDH - aka: The Questioner - on the Trooper. I held him back so as not to irritate Mr. Trooper with his incessant questions which tend to hint to the 'questionee' that they have not done their job correctly. Alas, now I feel it is his time.

Girl said...

Ooooo...TDH is gonnna kick some Ass! (In the best way he knows how) :)

Cathy said...

Maybe there was a "B" that was an "8" or a "5" that was an "S"??

If all numbers and letters were universal with the fonts and were DISTINCTIVELY differentiated, it would be nice.

Could a "O" be an "0"
Gets tricky doesn't it?

Preacher Mom said...

Go get 'em, TDH. We're rooting for you!

ppolarbear said...

Go, TDH!

revabi said...

I love the Bourne movies.

Go TDH, and get them.

License plates are very hard to read.

sigh, another reality.