Monday, September 11, 2006

A Few Thoughts...

I am going to pass on the urge to wax poetic about this day and what it means and where I was five years ago. I have a story - I was here and it was only my second day in the office - but my story is not nearly as important to hear as others.
  • A high school classmate that I knew really in name only died in the towers.
  • Seminary classmates brand new to their own calls were faced with visiting young widows and families.
  • One of my clergy colleagues rushed over to the home of one of his parishioners who worked in the WTC and when he walked through the door the wife initially thought it was her husband. Her relief turned to anguish right before my colleague's eyes.
  • My friend was an army reserve chaplain sent to work at the dumpsite and then at the morgues. She will never recover emotionally from that assignment.

Compared to their stories, mine just adds noise.