Monday, September 4, 2006

Grief Connects Us All

I am always somewhat surprised when the death of a celebrity makes me sad. I don't know these people. I am fully aware that even though I may think I have something in common with them, I really have no idea who they really are as a person.

I remember this when Princess Diana died. I just felt sad. I didn't sign a mourning book or send flowers or anything... I even refrained from buying the Elton John song (seriously, you and Bernie couldn't write a NEW song for the Princess of Wales, even I could have just changed the lyrics). But I digress...

I feel that same sadness today at the news of Steve Irwin's death. I didn't know the man and certainly couldn't understand why he did the things that he did, but it did seem that more than any others he really knew what he was doing. And gettin pierced in the heart by a sting ray seems like such a fluke.

I wonder if his family is grappling with that too... as if they could understand if a crocodile got him in the water or he let a snake get too close but this was so random.

I also hope they keep all the editorials and news shows that read emails away from them. There will be a lot of folks saying really stupid things about how he had it coming because of the way he led his life, but really what do we know about it? He grew up with these animals under his father's guidance and was a passionate conservationist. What seemed crazy to us, might have been perfectly reasonable to a man who had that kind of training.

Mainly, I feel for his 8 year old daughter who has to live with the knowledge that this happened while he was taping something for her show and for his 3 year old son who will not get to grow up in the footsteps of his Dad like Steve Irwin did.


Songbird said...

It's such a sad story.
I cried over Princess Diana as if I had lost my last friend. Maybe it's because we were the same age? I don't know. But when I saw my therapist about ten days later and asked if it was weird to be so upset, she told me it was a common thread of her sessions over that time! People with big personas carry a lot of our projections, and it's not surprising we feel the stages of grief when they die, too, including anger.

cheesehead said...

This made me very sad today, too.

Preacher Mom said...

Sure, I thought he was crazy. But I admired the way that he was so in tune with nature and with all of God's creatures. All of them were beautiful to him - awesome, exciting, and worthy of his attention. I think we could all learn a lot from him. God's world is worthy of our close attention and our awe.

Lorna said...


It's a stark reminder to us all, that we don't know the time or place, but as Christians we do know we are headed to a better place.

St. Inuksuk said...

I was very saddened that day. He left us with an example of passion for what we do and to see the beauty and magnificence of God's amazing creatures, the ones we think are creepy, yucky or icky!!
We really are given just this present moment.